Membership Forms & Employment

Club membership is $10.00 per year.  The purpose of this is to provide a safe, fun, and educational place for ALL youth, regardless of economic circumstance.  Summer fees:  $1.00 per youth per day.  If you know your child will be attending all summer, there is a discounted incentive to pay for the entire summer upfront. 

Other fees may include:  Special program or trip fees.  At times these can be discounted and we do our best to get the best price for our trips.   Program fees may be required for activities such as Golf, Nordic Kids, and Baseball.  Some participation incentives may apply for those programs.  Typically, our trips can accommodate up to 40-45 youth, so watch our calendars for trip sign-up days!

Membership forms can be downloaded and filled out prior to bringing in your forms to the club staff.  Please fill out all required information as it helps with our community demographics.  Personal information is kept confidential. 

All Summer Program related forms can be downloaded and must be returned to the staff by June 1st.

(Provide a PDF file for Membership Forms – one for Teens and one for Youth)

(Summer Program Forms - PDF file forms for download)