News & Calendars

Jan-Feb 2016

We have a few important announcements about how the afterschool program at LCO School will work (3:30-6:00 Mon-Fri at the LCO School Cafeteria) until our building is finished.Please pay close attention, as these things will be different from the norm.

1. Because of where we will be located, we won't have a "front desk" person like we normally have at the Club. This is mainly because we won't be in the offices or any place where one might logically put a "front desk." Our staff will be handling sign-ins when the students arrive directly from their schools.

Regrettably, because of this and for the safety of all of our Club members, we will not be able to accommodate parent/guardian drop-offs like we normally do, because no one will be right there to sign them in. Instead, if you would like your child to go to the Club, they need to either ride the bus over (Hayward, St. Francis) or be picked up in the LCO School by a Club staff (LCO and Waadookodaading).

To phrase that in another way, only those kids who come directly from their school may participate in our afterschool program at the LCO Cafeteria. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. Van runs will run like usual on their usual days. We will, however, be taking kids home starting at 6:00 instead of 7:00. Please be sure that you are home if you would like your child to ride the van home.

We will continue to post important information on our Club's Facebook page and website as we continue to figure out the details of operating out of LCO this fall. Thank you again for your patience with us during this construction period.