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Images and Teen Versus Wild

Posted by rwilson on December 5, 2013

Teen Versus Wild and Images, our incentive-based leadership development programs for young men and women respectively, have started up again!

Teen Versus Wild is a group for young men ages 11-18. It aims to equip young men with the skills they need to complete the transition from boyhood to manhood, and become a responsible, courageous, and honorable man of integrity. Oh, and we have a blast doing fun outdoor activities and games too! This group could possibly turn into two different groups if we get enough teens 13-18 participating. Then we would have a pre-teen group and a teen group.The leaders for this program are Ryan Wilson and Emiliano Rodriguez. For more information about TVW, contact Ryan Wilson at the Club (715-634-4030)

Images is for young women who are 13 (or who turn 13 by January first) to 18. Heather Peterson leads this group, which aims to inspire the girls to dream bigger dreams and reach for the stars. They also participate in regular community service projects, as well as fundraisers for their trip to New York City at the beginning of summer. For more information, call Heather at the Club (715-634-4030)


Posted by Abdullah on
I want to join ur grp :-)
Posted by Shahry on
Those girls look really well off. Like, I'm prtety sure that's a Jack Wills blanket on the bed. If I was 14 and minted I'd be prtety happy. Wait, no, cause I had braces and a unibrow back then, never mind
Posted by Jennyfer on
seriously though, you do look way beettr when you're not wearing the skanky dresses. i like it when you sometimes wear button-up blouses and vintage dresses etc.
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