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STRIDE 2014 - Week 1

Posted by rwilson on September 19, 2014

STRIDE WEEK 1 – Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

HAYWARD, WI -- The smell of fall is in the air. It’s a time of new shoes and backpacks, getting accustomed to new teachers, and new routines. It’s also time for a new STRIDE season. This year, we’re breaking our kids into teams, for a little added fun!

Teams are broken up and distrusted evenly based on how they performed last year, but each year is new, with a chance for new stars to emerge.

We’re now through our first week, and it’s been an exciting ride so far! Team Blue has jumped out to a sizable lead, thanks in large part to the question-answering trifecta of Dawn Denomie, Miriam Denomie, and Animikiikwe Durant. Dawn was the leading scorer among all kids for week 1 with 683 points, and Animikiikwe (also known as Gloria), was number 2. All three girls put in more than 100 minutes, and answered above 70%. Animikiikwe was especially accurate, nailing 82% of her questions in week one.

In second place is Team Pink, led by surprising break out star, Audrina Belille. Belille’s 75 minutes, 180 questions, and 71% answering percentage helped lead her team to a 900 point week.

Other highlights include:Another surprising player from week one is Jovana Skenandore, from Team Purple. Jovana has burst onto the scene, putting in 97 minutes in week 1, and answering 106 questions at 63%.

Kendal Decora (Black): 70 minutes, 88 questions, 58%

Michael Earle (Orange): 70 minutes, 194 questions, 49%

Al Corbine (Red): 91 minutes, 140 questions, 51%

Standings Through Week 1:

1. Blue  - 1,689.86                             4. Purple – 443.46                                           

2. Pink  - 902.1                                   5. Black – 440.92

3. Orange – 531.52                           6. Red – 410.08

Top Individual Scorers (Week 1):

1. Dawn Denomie (Blue) – 683
2. Animikiikwe Durant (Blue) –395.24
3. Audrina Belille (Pink) – 362.1
4. Miriam Denomie (Blue) – 267.12
5. Michael Earle (Orange) – 258.72



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