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STRIDE 2014 - Week 2

Posted by rwilson on September 25, 2014

STRIDE News: Week 2 – Pink Power!

HAYWARD, WI – The race is on! Week 2 of STRIDE is in the books, and after two weeks Blue still holds a big lead over the second place team, Pink. Pink did manage to close the gap, however, as they were the top scoring team in STRIDE in week 2, with 882.62 points. Blue was the second highest scoring team in week 2, with 813.48 points. Blue wasn’t able to put in the same amount of minutes as they did in week 1, but they made up for it by turning in the most homework out of all the teams, scoring 200 points by homework alone!

Pink’s super week was made possible thanks to Ava Pettibone, week 2’s top individual scorer, making 324.80 points for her team. Also scoring well for Team Pink was new teammate Aundreya Stand. Aundreya put in 103 minutes in week 2, tied for the most out of any individual (Isabelle from Team Blue also had 103 minutes).

Team Red also performed well in week 2, thanks to new teammate Patrick Tainter, who scored 292.12 points – the third highest individual score. Team Red has now moved from 6th place to 5th place in the team standings.

Another highlight was the performance of STRIDE’s dynamic duo, Michael and Ricky Earle from Team Orange. Michael scored 282.94 points, and Ricky scored 309.4 (second best out of all kids in week 2).


Other Highlights Include:

Jovana Skenandore (Purple): 60 minutes, 71 questions, 68% + 100 homework points

Kendal Decora (Black): 55 minutes, 143 questions, 72%

Julia Pettibone (Pink): 52 minutes, 58 questions, 84%


Top Individual Scorers (Week 2):

1. Ava Pettibone (Pink) – 324.80
2. Ricky Earle (Orange) – 309.40
3. Patrick Tainter (Red) – 292.12
4. Kendal Decora (Black) – 285.12
5. Michael Earle (Orange) – 282.94


Standings Through Week 2:

1. Blue                  2,503.34

2. Pink                  1,784.72

3. Orange            1,211.42

4. Purple              1,026.11

5. Red                      989.04

6. Black                    869.46


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