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STRIDE 2014 - Week 3

Posted by rwilson on October 1, 2014

STRIDE News: Week 3 – Pink Pulls Ahead!

HAYWARD, WI – There’s a new sheriff in town. Team Pink has jumped ahead of Team Blue and is now in first place in the STRIDE Team Standings. Pink was helped significantly by STRIDE superstar, Audrina Belille, who scored 302.08 points (second best in the Club) in Week 3 to lead her team. Audrina was assisted by Pink teammates Aundreya Stand, Kyra Beaulieu, Ava Pettibone, Julia Pettibone, and Olivia Beaulieu, who all scored at least 50 points for Pink. Their team scored a total 823.56 points in Week 3.

Team Blue had a rough go of it last week, managing only 57.6 points (all by Bea Bennett). They look to bounce back this week, and get back in the groove they were in during Week 1.

The top individual scorer in Week 3 was STRIDE rookie, Amayah Hanlon of Team Purple. She answered 239 questions with an answering percentage of 59%, scoring 354.02 points for her team. Amayah has been a pleasant surprise for Purple, scoring the 10th most points among individuals through week 3.

Two newcomers for Team Black have helped them to move back into 5th place. Alyseah Anderson and Latrell Miller combined for over 400 points for Black. They hope to continue their climb this week.

Other highlights include:

Bradley Young (Red): 59 minutes, 112 questions, 59%

Aundreya Stand (Pink): 63 minutes, 95 questions, 57%

Patrick Tainter (Red): 80 minutes, 63 questions, 60%


Top Individual Scorers (Week 3):

1. Amayah Hanlon (Purple) – 354.02
2. Audrina Belille (Pink) – 302.08
3. Latrell Miller (Black) – 261.12
4. Bradley Young (Red) – 184.68
5. Alyseah Anderson (Black) – 181.78


Standings Through Week 3:

1. Pink                  2,608.28

2. Blue                  2,560.94

3. Orange            1,656.08

4. Purple              1,628.53

5. Black                 1,485.90

6. Red                   1,471.32


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