Healthy Lifestyles

Shelley's Snack Shack Recipe (Danielle's Delicious Pineapple Surprise)

Healthy Habits Have you ever wanted to be Healthier? Here is your chance! The Healthy Habits, education program teaches how to be healthy, in an unhealthy world.  Lessons from nutrition to portion sizes, and lots of fun exercising each day will help keep you and your child healthy.  Once each week this summer, the kids helped make a large healthy snack for everyone, and everyone loved it! If you would like the recipes of the snacks we did, just click on the "Shelley Snack Shack" above!

TRAILS – Together Raising Awareness For Indian Life.  A diabetes prevention and educational workshop for ages 8-10.  Includes basic information about what diabetes is, how to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.  Kids prepare healthy snacks and participate in physical activity during the 6-week course.

Summer Garden Club – Kids get involved with our community garden from seed to harvest and learn to how they can grow their own vegetables.  They share the harvest with other club kids for snacks, or take them home to their families. 

Summer Foods and School Snack Program – Monitored by the Department of Public Instruction through the State Foods Programs, our club provides healthy meals and snacks throughout the summer and after school.  This program is open to all youth in the community regardless if they are club members. 

Triple Play Physical Activity Program – Summer program includes one-hour of fun, different forms of physical activities whether in our gym or outdoors. 

Sports and Outdoor ProgramsThese include many life sports such as canoeing, hiking, ice skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, running/walking, baseball, lacrosse, and golf.  Some programs require fees, however, once a youth finishes the program the club has an incentive to reimburse the family for half the cost.  (golf, cross country skiing).  Check our calendars for times/dates of programs.

Summer Trips – Each summer we bring youth to 3 State Parks for swimming, picnics, scavenger hunts, hiking and being in the great outdoors.  It is our belief that our children are outdoor deprived.  The computers go off and off we go!  We also bring youth to 3 adventure parks or to a zoo each summer.  Trips have a limited number of participants, so watching our calendars for sign-up dates is important.  Fees for amusement parks are generally at the cost of the parent or caregiver.